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“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

-Albert Einstein

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VRZ 2  is a track bike frame with 3d printed titan lugs glued together with carbon fiber tubes.

This method allows to build custom frames in a short period of time.
You could change the geometry to what ever fits you best, then the lugs gets generated by a software.
The generated 3D files are produced with laser-cuseing process. Afterwards the printed parts need to be finished and bonded to the tubes.


Frame: VRZ 2
Tubematerial: carbon
Lugmaterial: titanium (laser-cusing)
Lugcoating: TIN, CRN, or TiCN+C
Handlebar: Deda Pista
Saddle: AX Lightness
Seatpost: Vorwaertz TI+C 1
Steam: Vorwaertz Top 2
Crankset:THM CLAVICULA (GATES carbon belt)
Wheels: Lightweight RUNDKURS
Tires: Conti 4000s
Total weight: 4,9kg


A thing of beauty

Discovery Ch Toughest Race on Earth with James Cracknell 

Documentary about endurance running taken to a masochistic level by James Cracknell.


I sometimes have the felling of waking up while being wide awake and In the mist of good times with good friends, good drink, good conversation , good food ,and great laughs one sometimes comes to a sad realization of unfulfilled passions that just fucks up your ch’i…


My first DUATHLON in the bag!

The TOGA FALL DUATHLON was held today and i was a part of it, i singed up for this event during this past weekday it was a spur of the moment type of thing. I LOVE cycling and like RUNNING so i decided to go for it. 

This event was held in Rockland Lake State Park in New York State. The people there from the competitors to all the volunteers that were cheering us on were wonderful. Todays duathlon was a classic and that means that we had to do a 5K Run - 25K Bike - 5K Run my time was 1hour and 54 minutes i hope to improve on this time on my next duathlon.

This is Rockland Lake and we all had to run and bike around this lake today and by the way it was COLD and WINDY not my ideal weather conditions, this is how cold it was that at one point i happen to look down at my legs while on the bike and they where all red and thats with my summer caramel tan on.  In conclusion If any one is thinking of doing a duathlon JUST GO FOR IT its super fun with cool people all over.

jugodechinola you are more then welcome to join me when ever you’re up for it🚴💨

I did exactly what the Clif bar asked “Explore a new route” and this was the result one super muddy bike and I was all muddy as well, I ended up on a mountain bike trail that was super FUN even on my road bike. I don’t mind getting dirty and am not afraid of falling of my bike so I had a blast. The BAD part of all this is that I have to clean all that crud off….COÑO!

Be boringly honest it’s better than the alternative, being known as a prolific liar.


My favorite photo of October 2014, I took this in Brooklyn and you can see a bunch of landmarks in it like bridges and buildings in the background.

You can see all that and yet the bride and groom are not visible..

Sprint Duathlon

I just register for my first ever Sprint Duathlon and am super excited about that. I honestly wish that the event was tomorrow thats how amped up i feel about this..lol The duathlon will take place in Rockland Lake State Park in New York, Ive never been to that park but i know the area a bit and its quite beautiful very much so looking forward to that.  I hope to learn a lot from this experince and meet like minded people. 

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